Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Summer Reading: Bookboard Review

This post is sponsored by Bookboard. All opinions are completely mine. 

My kids, like most, really enjoy some iPad time. Have you ever watched a two year old play with a tablet? It's kind of amazing. Aaaaaaaand, sometimes a little scary. But here's the thing: some apps are better than others. As much as I'm impressed by my son's progress in Angry Birds, I'd rather he was doing something a bit more productive. 

Bookboard is a new app that gives kids access to a library of books available to them instantly. Kids can do it all by themselves, and you don't have to buy books in-app. The best part is that it throws in a video-game-type element that rewards kids for reading books. My five year old picked up on it right away without any explanation from me: "Mom, you get a new book when the red bar fills up!" 

That treasure chest unlocking is seriously motivating, folks. I think we read 10 books the first time we tried Bookboard because "we can almost unlock a new book!" Yay!

When your child finishes a book, other titles they might enjoy are suggested to keep the reading going. (It reminds me a bit of the Netflix interface.)

Bookboard has a library of over 400 books, which are all included in the subscription. My kids enjoyed the books that we read, although most were not titles or authors that were familiar to me.  

So, go check it out! You can sign up for an absolutely free trial at Bookboard. Let me know what you think if you do!

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