Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fixing the Ugly Wall

When we moved into our home, I quickly discovered a wall that would annoy me for months to come. It is a small wall - about four feet wide - next to our staircase. The wall sticks out into our family room area, which means if you are sitting on one side of the sectional, you are staring right at it. And here's the problem:

The builder decided, "Hey. I know. Let's put the doorbell and the thermostat and two light switches all in the middle of this wall so it is impossible to put anything pretty on the wall." Great idea, builder. 

So for a good year and a half, I gave the wall dirty looks. I made excuses for the wall when we had guests. The wall and I - we were not friends. Then, one day, I saw this on pinterest:

the little things
Genius! Use a bunch of white picture frames to camouflage the ugly doorbell, thermostat, etc! So, here's my after:

I am feeling like I need to bring my collage a bit lower to hide my light switches more effectively, but that means I need more picture frames. I am also a bit wary of bringing the collage too low - little hands and all that.

Whaddaya think? Do you have a wall that could benefit from some camouflaging collage?

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  1. Maybe you could put a little quote or something in between the switches?

  2. I love it! Very cute photos too (helps having such cute kids). The light switches don't bother me at all now--maybe because they're symmetrical? You could always put an end table or something there to balance out the bottom without bringing the frames too low.

  3. Love love love it! And Lisa's idea about the little table would be great...

  4. Oh man I love it! I'm filing this away in my mental future house file.

  5. Hmm, I think we have to do some serious trading here - my fabric for your decorating expertise!

  6. Hey that works. I didn't even notice all the "stuff" when we were there. I only noticed the pictures. SUCCESS!!

  7. Such a really great idea. An eyesore becomes an interesting feature :-)

  8. Fantastic! I have the same wall! Probably made by the same builder!
    Thanks for the inspiration!


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